The National Benefit Authority Helps Unravel the Complexity of the Disability Tax Credit Program

There is no denying the complexity of the disability tax credit program in Canada, which is exactly why an agency such as The National Benefit Authority can play such a valuable role in the application process. Just taking a brief look at the eligibility requirements for this program should make it clear how complicated it is. If you think you might be eligible based on the brief description of the requirements below, it may be in your best interest to seek professional assistance in the complicated steps that follow.

You may only qualify for the Disability Tax Credit if your disability markedly restricts your ability to perform one or more of these tasks:

  • Bladder and/or bowel functions
  • Dressing or feeding yourself
  • Hearing (in this case, the task is only considered “markedly restricted” if you are unable to easily understand people you are familiar with in a quiet setting)
  • Perceiving, remembering and thinking
  • Speaking (in this case, the task is only considered “markedly restricted” if people who are familiar with you are not able to easily understand you in a quiet setting)
  • Walking

If you think you may qualify, an agency like The National Benefit Authority can help. It’s best not to go it alone.


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